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Oil Painting Horse 3d Wall Clock

Oil Painting Horse 3d Wall Clock

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Horse Wall Clock

"Add a playful touch to your home with our Oil Painting Horse 3d Wall Clock. With a modern design and vintage PVC round clock, it's perfect for any farmhouse decor. Keep track of time while adding a unique and quirky statement piece to your living room or kitchen!"

Product Category: Wall clock
Material: PVC
Plate thickness: 5mm
Movement type: sweeping movement
Power type: battery
Size: 25x25cm

1. Made of high quality materials, encrypted and reinforced, durable.
2. Clear engraving characters, simple style, fashion, easy to match.
3. With excellent movement, high precision and high stability.
4. Silence and say goodbye to tick tock, giving you a good environment.
3. This product needs to be used with AA carbon battery, no battery!

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