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3 Pcs/Set Umbrella Hooks

3 Pcs/Set Umbrella Hooks

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3 pcs Set Umbrella Hooks


This 3-piece set of colorful umbrella-shaped wall hooks adds a fun and unique touch to any room in the home. Each hook is easy to install and can be used to hang keys, small bags, hats, and other items. With the use of no-punch adhesive, these hooks are strong and reliable for all your storage needs.


1. material Made of high quality plastic, strong adhesive, not easy to fall off, strong load bearing capacity.

2. Appearance design: the shape of the sticky hook is an umbrella, lovely and beautiful, can be used as wall decoration.

3. Waterproof: strong adhesive double-sided adhesive, not easy to fall off in a humid environment, all kinds of walls can be pasted (except for ash walls and wallpaper walls).

4. Applicable scenes: suitable for a variety of home decorating scenes, dining room, living room, bedroom, study and other decorations, make full use of family space, can hang or storage power cord, keys, cell phones and other small objects. Can also be used upside down to organize small objects. 



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