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3 Cup FreshChop Mini Food Chopper

3 Cup FreshChop Mini Food Chopper

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Mini Food Chopper

The versatile 3-cup food chopper is the perfect size for everyday use. Make delicious homemade salsa, whisk eggs for a creamy omelet, emulsify your favorite sauces, stir baby food, chop onions and more. You can choose from two speeds for precise control, so whether you want smooth sauces or chunky chopped onions and peppers in your salsa, you'll get the perfect texture every time.

The stainless-steel blade efficiently cuts through a variety of ingredients including carrots, onions, garlic and nuts. Chopping, blending and pulsing are easily accomplished in one machine. The quick-lock lid is quick and easy to use. It secures ingredients in the bowl, reducing spills and kitchen counter messes.

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